Software engineer, my dream job

The educational field has expanded to great limits. Once there were only two disciplines science and arts.

Now, these major disciplines have many subdivisions that it often becomes hard to select that which filed would be the best. It is common practices among us that we follow the careers our parents have to want us to follow.

This is the reason that many of us fail in our practical life. On the other hand, when we get a chance to pursue the career that we have always wanted then life can be easily turned into a heaven. So I can proudly say that pursuing the career of a software engineer is my dream come true.

How I became a software engineer

Since childhood, I loved to play with technology and devices that would help me to explore and enhance by horizons. So as I grew older my passion enhanced. So when the time of decision came it was very easy for me to select software engineering over the rest.

I got admission into my favorite university and from there; I started to pave my own road towards success. As there are many chances to grow in this field of technology I took all the healthy opportunities. As I already had information about some of the details regarding the development of software and usage of the computer to it was easy for me to understand everything. So I started to do practical work and achieved the following:

  • When I was studying, I got the opportunity for the firm that I have always dreamt about.
  • There I got a chance to learn many new things as an internee
  • All my leaders saw the potential in me and so they ensured to polish all my skills as much as possible.
  • The moment that I graduated from the university of I could say that I was a completely trained software engineer.
  • It was easy for me to get a job at any organization because of the excellent grades, passion for the job and the experience.
  • However, I continued the job because it was the firm that gave me many things.

While working a desire in me was born to do something of my own. As I had, many ideas in mind that I would love to pursue so I discussed my ideas with my mentor and he showed me the path. I started to work on the software that I thought would be unique. After hard work of a few years and ensuring that it is perfect, I worked restlessly.

Keep on pursuing your dreams

Keep in mind that it is you who can make your dreams come true. So instead of waiting for an opportunity, take the time and make things happen. It the time that you follow your dreams because only then you will be successful and satisfied with your life and job.

Kevin Walley