It’s well known that actions are worth thousands of words, and that’s the same case when it comes to a video or a screen capture.

You already know it and you’ve tested it personally as well. It’s way easier to do anything with a video walkthrough or screen captures leading you through the process, doesn’t it?

That happens to me all the time, I get lost on instructions and the screen capture is one of the most dynamic and common ways to show stuff to people in an intuitive way.

Whether if we are talking about formatting your PC or a simple guide to cooking tasteful dishes, it is easier and almost impossible to get lost in the process with a solid screen capture software.

Free Screencast

Free Screencast is number one when it comes to screen capture and it is totally free.

Free screencast records full screen or any particular area of the screen of your computer and multi-monitor system. In addition, it can capture your audio from a microphone, telephone line and other input devices.

Another feature that makes this software so unique is its optimization and customization platform. You can crop recordings and apply whichever filter and effect you want as well as adding multiple text/images and more.

Verdict: Where can I find a free screen capture software?

Free Screencast is available free and it offers a wide range of features which are presented in the most expensive screen capture’ software of the market.

Whether you are helping one of your friends making online tutorials or showing off amazing stuff to people, Free Screencast will be your best ally and with no cost at all.

It’s totally free and it’ll be forever, there are no trail or premium versions, all advanced and simple features are available for everyone.

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