We live in the time that is enriched with technology and information. There might be details that will help to enhance the knowledge but the time is getting shorter and it is hard to access everything. This is the reason that instead of going after the theories I prefer to access the solutions that will provide the positive outcomes.

In order to be acknowledged in the fast-pacing world, the best thing I found for the programmers and as a software developer is to have a podcast. Apart from sharing my expertise and meeting the requirements of the customers through the podcasts, here I have a list of reasons that will make you understand their importance.


Technology has provided the accessibility to the audio files that was a dream in the past years. Now with the iPhones and android smart devices in hand, it is easy for the customers to get access to everything that I have posted online.

It has made it easy for me to target my required customers through the podcasts. I can share the latest information related to programming and development that will grab the attention of technology lovers. Apart from that, when I share my services through the podcasts I will surely get acknowledged by a well-known organization.


It will allowed me to get a little help from the digital world in order to be acknowledged in the time of need. Now I can share my podcasts on the social media sites like facebook and twitter. It enhance my brand’s awareness and billions of users have the access to the content that I have posted.


In the present age, people are looking for the content that will provide them the information of the future.

•        It means that when I share the knowledge regarding my field of expertise it gives me an authority over the others.

•        When people are, in search of the information, I have become the go-to source and this is the reason I have a good reputation in the market.

•        The best thing is that I use it as my audio resume to let the authorities know my capabilities during the interview. It also helped me to land my favorite job.


One of the best reasons of having a podcast is that I have found is the loyal fans. When as a developer I solve the issues of the people who listen to me, it is easier for me to gain their trust me. Whether they agree with the information that I have shared or not I am sure they will surely defend me when the time gets tough.

Bottom line

You would be amazed to know that I started recording the podcasts on my phone. All I ensured was that the information is authentic and useful, so that people will love me. Therefore, I have to make sure to keep them listening to me because it will soon turn into a source of earning. The best thing about video editor podcasts is that my followers are always waiting for my solutions and ideas.


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