In the past 5 years, mobile application development industry has reached a new level of success. This is the reason that now there are applications for everything from banking to driving services. It is one of the most innovative platforms that I have chosen to enhance my productivity.

However, developing the android application is not an easy task. The most important thing is the selection of the language that I will use for creating the app. So here, I have the list of top programming languages that can be utilized.


When I decided to build the web-fronted applications for the smart devices I utilized HTML5 as it is the ideal language. Some of the benefits that I got from this language are:

•        The different types of data are easy to insert

•        The accounts can be adjusted according to the size of the screen

•        The input parameters can be rationalized

•        The levels of browser playing fields can be balanced

Many browsers support it and this is the reason it is regarded as a standard language. The learning opportunities in the language are less because it is simple to utilize. Apart from that, it is very cost-effective.

2-C ++

When I had to build the mobile applications for the android platform C++ was the most robust and appropriate programming language for me. As a mobile application developers I would regard it as the go-to application.

The language has dominated the world of development. This is the reason it allowed me to design applications for any purpose.


It is the most preferred programming language for the development of the android languages. The language was oriented according to the object that I wanted to develop. I can run java on two different platforms that are:

•        Browser window

•        Virtual machine

When I have to re-use the codes or upgrade the software then java is the best language for the android applications because of its flexibility. For the cross-platform apps, it is regarded as the top language in my checklist.


It is one of the simplest programming languages that I have learnt when I had to develop the android applications. It allowed me to keep the user interface simple and so there was no need to deal with the stress that comes with the development of the application. Within the three line of the code, I can set the background image as well as display the text on the screen.

I have always selected the language for the video editor application that I am most comfortable with. It is important for me that the language meets all my requirements. Before developing the app, it is important that I have the complete knowledge about the language that I am going to use. As only then, I am able to get the results that I have desired. I have to Learn the latest features that have been introduced in the language that I prefer to use.



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